Gila CMS 1.5.0 release

Posted on June 30, 2020

I am pleased to announce the release of version 1.5.0

Some of the changes that have been done from previous version are:

  • Many bugs were fixed, especially about widgets
  • Made changes in styling of admin panel
  • Slug field of posts/pages can e manually edited
  • Post thumbnails use the name of the original media
  • Post have a new description field, can be used for better post listing
  • In admin panel, Administration->Phpinfo added
  • In admin panel, Administration->File Management Added
  • On media gallery a filter is added to find easier the media file you search
  • In admin panel, Administration->Packages are better shown*
  • In admin panel, Administration->Themes provide a preview buttom*


* Version control is still not applied in themes and packages since Gila CMS is still in early development and can have compatibility issues

Download it from here

See on documentation how to install

For any issues or feedback you can use the forums or  gitter


If you want to update a version 1.4.x using the same database you will have add the new field for table post

alter table post add description varchar(200);
update post set description=substr(post,1,200);