Gila CMS 1.7.1 Release

Posted on May 8, 2021

Version 1.7.1 of Gila CMS is finally here!



Media assets use css grid and thumbnails
Thumbnails from .png keep their transparency
Package,theme & widget options use same form generator
New widget: links
Svg images can be selected as media files
Media assets recognizes folders from files
Deny php execution from public folders
Media assets accept only media files for upload
Stacked images are revisioned
Package list can use remote url for logos
Themes can add templates for the editor


Added german translation
Upgraded package and theme lists
Can inject functions after controller construction
Can inject functions as new controller actions
Can replace actions
Can inject functions before actions
Can add routes of static paths
Controllers can have different name from their class
Themes can have parent theme
Install folder moved to src/core/
Added cm controller as content management api
gila::dir($path) creates folder if does not exist
New package: PWA