Gila CMS 1.8.0 Release

Posted on June 30, 2020


Version 1.8.0 is now available

Blog is not included as a core controller anymore, but it can be deactivated from the blog package. There were many minor bugfixes and many new stuff like for better customized development, like caching method, custom input types and menu items.

Get the new version from Sourceforge or Github.

Download gilacms



Blog package separates blog controller from the core


set config with null value
gTable can get meta as array
Log images that coud not be copied from extrenal urls
Firefox menu editor bugfix

Fixed update meta on content creation
Bugfix on backup files
Avoid multientries on usermeta
Router send arguments to action methods
Expiration time on router::cache()
Updated translations
Removed session constructor
lzld Controller
Radios and swicher for input types
gForm class
input-type for field schema
Widget files can return the options
Table files can return the schema

Remove packages2update.json if is up to date