The new CRUD with Vuejs

Posted on March 24, 2021

Recently I was working on migration the content manager of the Gila administration from jQuery to Vuejs. There are some changes in the overal design but the style in general remains the same.

The basic commands for the rows are supported: edit, create & clone. The clone will create a new row with all values from the row you gave the command.

Also the tools: add, csv, addrow. The addrow will create a new row in the table without editing its values first.

The search-box, the field filters, and the order by clicking on columns title work also fine.

The checkboxes/switches fields are displayed better in the list but probably I wont add the dirctect toggle value from the table, but must change the value from the edit.

Customization for the tools and commands are much easier now, instead of creating a new view file for a special content type, you just create a .js file in same folder with .php schema and the new javascript will be included.

The desicion for the migration was made a lot of time ago. jQuery was an excelent choice when I wanted a specific CRUD solution but as the library got realy complex (~40kb) with so many funtions and tricks to override the outputs that it decome difficult to maintain or updrade. With Vuejs not only the size of the code is half the size but its well organized in the we component's template and its methods.

Version 1.9.x of Gila CMS will introduce the new content manager and I believe it will give a better experience managing the content.