Gila CMS 1.10.3 Release

Posted on June 30, 2020

Version 1.10.3 is now available

Get the new version from Sourceforge or Github.

Download gilacms

Changes for v1.10.3 update:

Use token for db_backup/ requests
Use token for File Manager save request
Strip html tags for values in get/post requests
Fix: Post tags are updated correctly
Fix: Dont show unpublished posts from blog controller
Fix: Prevent XSS in theme search

Changes for v1.10.2 update:

New widgets: paragraph, image, gallery
Support of block editor (seperate package)
Added form token with gForm
Can load composer packages
Updated recaptcha event
Updated contact-form widget
Updated all preinstalled packages
Media popup better display with css grid
Fix: db_backup.php directory traversal
Fix: xss in content editing
Fix: category-post widget
Fix: search wont display unpublished posts