What social media is useful for ecommerce?

Posted on July 25, 2022

Social Media

Social media has been present and influencing buyers for years, these became stronger when advertising was introduced to the equation because it allowed small businesses and professionals offering their services to position themselves in the platforms, increase their sales and obtain brand awareness.

Most used social media in México according to the “Digital report of 2021” made by Hootsuite:

✅ Facebook

✅ WhatsApp

✅ TikTok

✅ Instagram

✅ Twitter

There was an important increase in the hours people spent on social media, they found an impressive range of 8 to 29 hours per month in different social media.

Social media users increased 12% at the beginning of 2021.

In which social media should I be?

Not because a platform is popular you have to use it, you should use only the social media that your buyers are using. Social media will have the goal of expanding your personal brand and online store. This is the first contact the client has with the brand.


México occupies the fifth position in the world ranking, this is equivalent to 93 million users according to Hootsuite data. You will find people from 13 to 60 years old in this social network. Facebook has become the most used social network by small businesses because it allows them to upload photos and videos, doesn´t have a character limit, you can create ad campaigns and do live transmission.

You can also sell through Facebook marketplace, this section allows users to publish products or services and offer them to people that reside in the same section or city. Selling through marketplace has advantages for your online shop like:

✅ Direct interaction with users

✅ Your product shows for a longer period of time

✅ Local sales

✅ It's quick

✅ Offer any kind of products


Mexico has registered 80.9 million users according to Statista data, without any doubt the most used messenger app in Mexico. This app became even more popular in 2020 when 84% of users used it to connect with their loved ones through the video call feature. The public you will find using WhatsApp is between 21 and 30 years old mainly, this user spends an average of 2 to 4 hours a day in this social network according to a Social and politics science faculty study called “How Mexicans use social media?”.

They use this platform to share images, screenshots, memes and files. Adjust your content, service and promotions to these formats to increase your possibilities of making a sale. You can even use Whatsapp business where you can add descriptions and photos of the products you sell.

Now that WhatsApp belongs to Facebook  you can link the accounts easily and start reciting your clients messages this way.

The perks of using whatsapp in your strategy are: 

✅ Big amount of users available

✅ You can make targeted campaigns using the tags

✅ Direct communication with clients

✅ You can send an automatic welcome message



It's A platform where you share short videos between 15 seconds and 1 minute that takes up the concept from apps like vine and Musical.ly. Nowadays, there's 19.7 million users in TikTok Mexico, between them, we can find a range of users between 13 and 40 years old with a majority of users between 20 and 24 years old.

As you can see this is no longer an app exclusively used by a young audience and even if it doesn't have the same importance as other social networks, this one is still growing. Mexicans spend 17.2 hours a month watching TikTok videos (2021). This is the exact reason why companies started to join forces to create content and ads especially made for this new social network that values more fun and entertainment than the content's quality.

The main perks of including TikTok in your social media strategy:

✅ This social network is still growing

✅ Reach new audiences

✅ Attractive and entertaining formats for content creation

✅ Entertaining and fresh ads



This platform has been one of the most important for years. Nowadays, it has 24 million users in Mexico according to Data reportal 2020. Most of the users are between a range of 14 and 21 years old.

Instagram allows you to show your products and services through images, videos up to 5 minutes with igtv, short videos from 1-30 seconds in reels and live transmissions you can save in your IGTV profile. To get the most out of the platform it's advised to :  Optimize your profile with Linktree and relevant information, use the right hashtags for your business, publish on the best posting time, make dynamic content for stories and live transmissions that allow the client to know you and generate a trust full relationship.

The main perks that can bring to your business:

✅ Define your identity and reinforce your corporation´s values 

✅ Increase your company's website traffic 

✅ Reach new people through your content

✅ Get to know your clients better

✅ Geolocation allows people to find your business easily

✅ Instagram Ads to reach your target audience by using market segmentation



This network allows you to share up to 280 characters accompanied by photos, videos and links with the goal of being up to date with the latest trends, news and memes. They registered 11 million active users in Mexico according to Hootsuite data (2021). Most users are between a range of 35-49 years old. Online stores/ businesses tend to use it to solve client's problems and/ or doubts. 

The perks that can bring to your business are:

✅ Promote your product by adding keywords in your tweets

✅ Start conversations in real time that are relevant for your clients

✅ Enjoyable and effective customer service

✅ Share videos to attract attention

Create your content strategy for social media

It's no longer enough to create content in quantity, it also matters that it has quality and relevant topics for your client that encourage them to be loyal to your brand and even get a sale.

The time and the date of posting are important

When your business page is new you can guide your posts with a general posting schedule that most times are ruled by the working hours. For example: posting by 8AM, 2PM and 6PM. With time you will be able to collect your own statistics in every social media in which you'll be able to identify the best hours to post for your clients or target audience.

Texts are important

It's always better to talk about benefits instead of characteristics because that way clients will be able to understand easily what your product can do for them. Talk to them like if you were talking to a friend, the simpler you express as a brand, you'll have more possibilities  of connecting with your client. There are A lot of ways to start a conversation with your clients, an effective way is through questions in which you can inquire about their way of thinking/ doubts they have and answer them in a direct and creative way.

Multimedia elements capture attention

Photos and now especially videos help capture the attention and obtain more interactions in the posts (likes, shares, etc), they help the user to identify the product and associate the product with your brand. These elements are specially valued when we talk about clothes, accessories, etc.It's important to show the instructions of use and details o f the product, so that our buyers feel safer with their purchase.

Remember that the most important thing is to keep in mind a target audience, user and buyer to better the marketing strategies and your product/ services. Subscribe to our newsletter to know more about digital marketing, website traffic and social media strategies.

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