Video marketing trends 2021-2022

Posted on July 28, 2022


What is video marketing?

It's an online Marketing tool based on the audiovisual image that is mainly distributed through the internet to serve different goals from the marketing strategy.

This tool consists of including videos in your content marketing strategy.

Social video

The Social video is a type of video specifically designed to be distributed through social media. It seeks to create optimized shareable pieces for every social network. Creating good quality video content requires a real time investment and effort. This was quickly adapted by companies and businesses to enhance their digital marketing strategies and maintain top prominence in the social network.


The data shows clearly that the audiovisual content has a positive impact on the sales and the ROI. In 2018 people consumed an average of 6,78 hours of video per week, while in 2017 people watched 5.75 hours and in 2016 they watched 4.28 hours per week.

Therefore, its growth has been exponential as it added up a hole hour per year. It became a key trend over the last years. 

Some of the data that confirms this trend:

  • 85% of US internet users watched video content at some moment of the month through their mobile devices, according to Statista´s data from 2018.

  • 54% of the consumers want to watch more video content related to brands or companies that they follow, according to HubSpot´s reports from 2018.

The most popular video social networks

In this category, we can find a large quantity of formats and variations. Every format works to achieve different goals. One of the current trends is to create educational content that helps users and make them feel kin to the brand. This content has to be executed in different ways depending on the platform that it's going to be posted on. 


Since its creation in 2005 it has become the  video platform of excellence globally. In October 2020 it already had 2.000 million active users per month. Keep in mind that 3-minute videos are the most popular.

In YouTube more than 1900 million users start a session in the global video platform every month and watch more than 1 000 million hours  of video. It has a presence in 90 countries and 80 languages. This means that 95% of the users are active on the platform. 


This social network is reinventing itself and adapting to new consumer needs.

It generates more than 8000 million daily visitors to video content and this is equivalent to more than 100 million hours of video per day. The most popular videos are between 21 and 24 seconds. 

It encompasses all ages, although the most common are between 25 and 34 years old (25% of the active users).


The queen of photography and short videos up to 5 minutes. Initially its videos were limited to 15 seconds but nowadays, you can record longer ones and take advantage of Instagram's new products that you can use for your profile's feed: Reels, stories, Insta live and IGTV.

  • At the end of 2020 Instagram released their new product: reels. A modality inspired by the social network: TikTok, which allows people to create short video making with special effects and music.

  • The reels format is an excellent way to share educational content. Through this format, you can show how to use your products or give advice about topics related to your area.

  • As to the visibility, the Reels section works very well to attract new users that don't follow your page. It's essential to make good use of the hashtags in your content to increase the reach.

Reels ads can help you connect with new potential clients that you can attract with inspiring and relevant content. 

They are demonstrating to be very helpful for companies because they represent dynamic content that attracts and entertains the users, allowing you to enlarge your brand reach.

Instagram Reels: Companies that use it in their marketing strategy:

Netflix is a great company  of content “on demand” and one of the first to join in creating material with their most important series and movie highlights. Several of these content pieces went viral and then transformed into memes. The majority of the videos surpass 300 000 views.

Red Bull stands out for being very active both on Facebook and Instagram. It has succeeded to create a strong connection with their followers through original content, mainly about extreme sports. As soon as Reels was released on Instagram, the brand started circulating their successful content campaign generated by the user under the hashtag #RebBullKeepItReels that generated thousands of views. Every post has more than 3 million views.

The Spanish league also took advantage of the Reels boom on Instagram and published dynamic clips from great football plays, thrilling sports moments and small videos showing the player's abilities.

It has more than 1.158 million monthly users and their audience is mainly millennial and centennial.


This social network brings novelties to the  video marketing sector because you can watch live videos from the “Moments” feature, the explore tab, trends, tweets from an account thatá currently transmitting live and Fleets.

You can also watch twitter´s live programs and global periscope transmissions through Amazon fire TV and Apple tv. These videos can 't go beyond 2 minutos and 20 seconds.

It has 386 million active users monthly. They are consolidated and centered on the informative present.

Famous influencers and every kind of brand make daily live videos or live streaming. It's one of the best ways to connect with the consumers and users because it allows them to live a realistic and closer experience. It's an alternative to attending an event.

Virtual and augmented reality

These trends have had a great growth in the last few years.There´s more people that have access to this kind of technology, opening the possibilities of including them in the video marketing strategies (you could offer to try the experience before they buy it).

Augmented reality is basically our reality but enhanced and perceived through technology like a mobile device. It was catapulted thanks to Pokemon Go in 2016 when NIANTIC came up with the incredible idea to allow people to see the pokemons  around you through the cell phone camera. 

There's no modifications on the product but you decide what to add on it: tags, information, maps, among other things that enrich the product´s context according to your needs. It's the union between our reality and the virtual world because it allows us to create layers of information on top of the tangible things that already exist. 

On the other hand virtual reality wants to make a new world, a complete immersion or at least visually and psychologically introduce us to a new intangible world. 

In addition to opening new ways for the companies to create virtual products. This offers new marketing formats to communicate the brand´s storytelling such as experiences directly attached to the product and make them interactive. The experiences become stories that captivate the users and create an emotional link with the brand. Virtual reality  changes the dynamic between brands and consumers. Making them more receptive to the brand´s VR experiences than to traditional advertisements.



You can use this technology in almost every product and service


As it is interactive it offers the consumer´s deep involvement with the product and awakens more interest for the brand. As you pass a trial phase  with augmented reality the conversion probability  gets higher. 


It's a responsive technology in real time that needs constant actions that involve the user and adapts the visuals and behavior of it.


The thing previously mentioned not only will increase your sales but will gain the buyer´s loyalty to your brand.


Where the user is exploring by himself there's a series of processes and personnel that can be reduced or even detect improvements that allow the consumer to reach the purchase phase.


The most common and normal is to associate the SEO with written content like: blogs and posts nevertheless descriptions, titles and keywords that you use on your videos will also be seen by search engines like: Google. To achieve success in this trend it will be necessary that you implement three aspects in your videos: Relevance, coherence and optimization.

Video marketing is an ideal option to boost your brand because the companies can make the content they generate more dynamic to attract new users and amuse the already loyal ones. This is a powerful tool that reinforces the link that you have with your current clients. It positions itself very well and impacts the target public by providing them the knowledge of your business´s essence in an entertaining and friendly way.

Audiovisual content flooded the digital world. The image and sound gained more importance for the content we publish thanks to their emocional leverage, easy adaptation, accessibility, price, authenticity and speed. 

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