Basic elements of email marketing

Posted on July 25, 2022


An email is a service that allows us  to create, send and receive messages through internet. Emails have been used for many years. And they are still crucial for the communication between two or more persons.

It's an online service that allows message interchange that contains: documents, schedules, invitations, sell products, create accounts on other platforms and even save information safely.

Email marketing

It's a communication tool that allows a brand to establish a relationship with the client.

What is email marketing used for?

  • It keeps you in touch with your clients

  • Keep your brand on their top of mind

  • Send news and events

  • Collect opinions

  • Generate engagement

  • To develop marketing content strategies

One of the positive aspects in digital marketing is the ability to measure the campaign's success instantly. That's because there are many platforms that allow you to analyze your campaign´s engagement in detail.

Making an email marketing campaign requires dedication. You also need to have creativity and structure persuasive texts that help you increase your sales.

Email marketing benefits  

This channel allows you to use texts and images to connect with your clients and subscribers frequently.

Direct content and communication channel  

It's a reciprocal  channel in which only two actors can intervene: transmitter and receiver. 

Strengthen your Brand image 

Use storytelling techniques to catch the subscribers attention and connect with them on an emotional level.

Encouraging client´s loyalty 

The loyalty process has 3 different goals:

  1. That their experience after buying is pleasant 

  2. That they buy again

  3. That they recommend your brand to other users

Promote and sell your products and services

In this case you´ll be able to select to which users you are going to send a reclosing or promotion message.

Apply A/B testing

You can try different subjects, copies, designs or layouts for the newsletter. 

Analyze and measure the campaigns: Estimate the Return Of Investment 

The ROI concept is very important in the online marketing and sales world. Making data analysis will allow you to measure the level of profitability of a specific action in your campaign. As well as knowing the performance and benefits that the investment has had. In email marketing campaigns, you can extract a series of data to know your action's effectiveness. 

Save money and resources 

You can benefit from your newsletter's design or other advantages such as the possibility of scheduling a campaign or the automation of certain actions.

What basic element do I need to create an effective email marketing campaign?


A segmented database will allow you to direct the message to the right audience. This way you increase the probabilities of sales opportunities.

To enrich your database, you can use some lead generation methods:

  • Downloadable content with data forms

  • Networking

  • Content marketing

  • SEO rating 

Lead generation techniques  

  • Inbound marketing

59% of marketing experts point out that inbound marketing is the best resource to obtain quality leads.

The primary goal of this model is to attract the best consumers to your brand.

The key to generate the best leads with inbound marketing is to research your buyer persona so that you can find the best contents and offers for them.

  • SEO

Plan your SEO rating by taking into consideration the most promising keywords when generating leads. Visualize these factors: the level of competition, the user's intention and the most searched keywords.

  • Email marketing/ Newsletters

This is till one of the most effective channels to communicate with potential clients. 

  • Social ADS

Social media posts allow us to reach users in a precise way.  The most important thing to generate leads are specific ads. You can achieve that when users gives us their data and transform into a quality contact without having to abandon the social network.

  • Content marketing

Having the brand's blog up to date can be useful to generate an excellent content base, and create opportunities to obtain the best leads. For this strategy to work, we need to think about the content as a long-term investment.

  • Viral Marketing

Word of mouth is the most classic marketing tool. You must have a fascinating content for your target audience, that eases the content shares.

  • Educational content

It's a powerful lead magnet, mainly for B2B companies. This technique offers users useful content like a guide, course, webinar, etc. The only they have to give in exchange is to join the database.

Creative and effective copy 

There are some pre-established structures that can help you write better copies for your emails.

  • AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

  • PAS: Problem, Agitation, Solution 

  • FAB: Features, Advantages, Benefits

  • COLLAR DE PERLAS: All the features it offers

Web copy elements 

Having irresistible content is essential. The copy that's not developed to catch the audience doesn't work, it also has to offer solutions for your client's needs.

Titles that deliver a promise

This is the most important part. Titles have to be created according to the audience's needs and in addition promise a good solution for their problems.

Initial paragraphs that highlight the benefits 

The first paragraphs are the key elements to show the visitors in a specific way your value proposition.


These resources will help you ease the content reading and make it easier to digest and absorb. They will also help you attract the attention of contacts that are used to scanning through text.


They push contacts to make a specific action and also reminds them about the benefits that your product/ service can bring them.

User storytelling 

The stories are effective because they generate an emotional link between the reader and the brand. Stories can be expressed in an emotive and persuasive way.

Landing page

Use a page with graphics and sales copys, that allow you to close a sale, or help you to capture a new lead. 


Emails were seen as a simple and direct form of communication. Now, they are used from businesses to increase their sales and even connect emotionally with their clients. Remember, Gila CMS allows you to create striking emails and send them in bulk to your clients' database. There is always a good reason to talk to your community. Our favorite topics are: industry news, special sales and helpful information such as tutorials. Don't wait any longer to create your email marketing strategy.

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