8 Ways to promote your website

Posted on March 28, 2023


1. Specialized and corporate blogs

We could resort to authority pages similar to our section, to mention us in their sites, this through the purchase of sponsored posts. This will give us more credibility and we will gain more authority. On the other hand, corporate blogs help to improve the image of our company by offering another overview of how the world sees us, so taking advantage of these blogs will help you to give the approach you are looking for and improve your image in front of the digital audience.

2. Make a podcast or generate a YouTube channel

One way to make yourself known is through a corporate podcast talking about topics related to your company, also apply this technique on YouTube, make videos that interest your audience, quality content that they can consume to remember your brand.

Another way to create content for YouTube and your podcasts, it would be answering questions, if your company is dedicated to create web pages, you could make a video tutorial about how to create one, this would be better done through videos to be more explanatory, but if you are going to talk about news, podcasts work better, it all depends on you and your imagination.

3. Make content through social networks

Currently, social networks are a key point for our site to generate traffic. Since these platforms concentrate millions of people who could be potential customers or recurring readers of your website.
We must take into account in which platforms our audience moves, that is, our buyer persona, once we have this information you can generate content for the social network that will benefit you the most. 

4. Paid advertising

Here, as the word says, we have to pay for the type of content we are going to advertise and for the medium through which we are going to transmit it. 
The problem with using this strategy is that it could be expensive and if you are just starting out in your business you may have to wait a bit to use this alternative. 

5. Email marketing

It is the way in which we can communicate digitally with leads and clients, by sending mass e-mails to a certain base of contacts, the purpose of this method can vary, one would be to present a new promotion and another would be to present a new product. You can learn more about this topic in our blog to talk in more detail and thus write a better email marketing.  

6. Posting in forums

We are in the era of digital marketing, and one way to follow the trend is to publish in specialized forums. Forums are a favorite place for Internet users to meet, tell anecdotes and ask questions about topics they have in common, these communities are formed naturally and thus achieve a link between them. We must also know what kind of forums to publish, since we must focus on those that are of our niche and thus approach the community that really interests us and that could become future customers if we know how to handle this method.

7. Improved SEO

It is important that your web page is well positioned, so that when people search for something related to your company, you can be among the first sites and thus gain more notoriety and recognition.
If you do not have great knowledge on this subject and your company is medium to large, you should hire an expert on the subject to advise you and help you position yourself better in the search engines, but if you are just starting and your company does not yet generate enough to hire more staff let us recommend you the SEO guide that Gila wrote for beginners.

8. Offline promotion

Sometimes we focus too much on digital promotion, and we forget that outside of it we can also grow our business by advertising in physical format, such as: brochures, magazine ads, events related to our niche.
From a brochure detailing our company and service to the sponsorship of events that give more prestige to our business, we must not forget that this type of advertising also benefits us and helps us to grow more. 

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