How to extend core controllers

The core controllers from Gila CMS are registered in the core load file, and they give the functionality that you need in order to create and update content, or install new packages and themes. When you want to add new actions or remove actions from a controller, there some easy ways wher

How to run Gila CMS from the docker image

Every new release of Gila CMS creates a new tag of its docker image. So you can test it quickly with a few command lines.

How to add the upload csv tool

From version 1.12.1 you can add the upload csv tool, with this tool you can create or update massively registries on a table. How to add the tool in a content table Let's use for example the post table. At the schema file /src/core/tables/post.php change the too

Create multisite in Gila CMS

You can build different websites using the same installation of Gila CMS. That helps you to reduce the time of maintanance (updates) and reduce of resources (disk usage). The different websites can use different databases and their own folders for the assets, but they share the same packages.

How to create a widget

In this tutorial we will create a widget that displays the last tweets of an account. Instead of using an event to run the code, we let the administrator create instances of the widget and choose in which widget area wants to display the plugin. Inside src/ create a folder twitter-ti

How to use composer packages

From version 1.10.2 Gila will support composer packages. They are third party libraries that are really helpful to build faster and compiicated solutions. Start using composer: In the main folder run the command composer install

How to add a php page on Gila CMS

This a new video i made that shows how to add a dynamic php page with your code on Gila CMS.   Follow the

Lazy Loading

To add lazy loading is easy in Gila CMS. We just include the a script link in the footer of the website. When the javascript file loads and every time we scroll in the page, a function will search for a all element with class lazy and will load the data only if the element is visible on

Convert HTML5 Template Into a Gila CMS Theme

Here are some videos I made to show you how to turn your favorite html5 template into a Gila CMS theme. If you like the videos please subscribe and coment your ideas and feedback.

Prepare environment for Gila CMS in Ubuntu

Install Apache server sudo apt install apache2 Install Maria DB sudo apt install mariadb-server Install PHP and the required modules sudo apt

How to change post slug manually

This is a documented change in the core package of Gila The problem: post's slug (that show on post url) is generated from Slugify library but doesn't give the freedom to the user to modify it manually If you have a version <1.4.3 you can follow the following steps 1 op

How to install Gila CMS

Before beginning with installation make sure that your computer meet these requirements: Apache server, Mysql, PHP 7+ First we create a new database in mysql and a user with full priveleges We unzip gila and we access with with the browser e.g http://localhost/gila