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Gila CMS Receives First Review on Clutch!

Gila CMS is an open source content management system (CMS). You can use it for your blog, web store, and personalize it for your business needs. Our services include cus

November Update

This month was very intensive in terms of developing Gila CMS. Version 2 is out, and a new page builder has replaced the previous only rich-text content of pages.

Removed and deprecated items for version 2.x

This month version 2.0 is going to be released. That means there will be not backwards compatibility in some cases. These methods and functions will be removed in version 2: Router::get() (replaced by Router::param()) Router::url() (replaced by Router::path())

New keys for table schema

The table schema is used for a content type. It gives to the application the structure of the database table that stores the data. So the content administration page will be generated on its own and the content creators can manipulate the data with no further code. https://gila-cms.readthedocs.io

New things in version 1.14

Before June version 1.14.0 was released. Here are some new things that were added. New input type: image Currently named 'media2' but it will be named 'image' in later versions and replace the 'media' input type in posts table schema. Now it can be seen in "My Profile" page wher

The assets folder and data folder

From the v.1.12.5 the assets/ folder is changing its use, as a public folder will contain the static files from website's packages and themes. So when a package is updated in the installation, its assets will be copies inside assets/<package>

Class gTable API

Class gTable is a tool to make queries to the database, that escapes sql injections and checks the user permissions for you. This page is taken from the documentation, see here f

Better security with SameSite cookies

The SameSite is a cookie attribute that tells browser if the cookie value should be send to the server or not when the request is made from a different domain of the website. For example, when you dont want to sent the cookie from a different  url.

Customizing the display of content types

The administration page of the content table has new ways now to customize the display of the content. Until version 1.11.2 you could add some javascript as a text in table schema and then the front-end would run it with eval() function. But now you can create function in javascript file

Multiqueries with the cm endpoint

Gila CMS offers a web api for easy access at the contents of your database (https://gilacms.com/docs/cm.html) The benefits of this api is that the same actions and parameters can be used for different data tables. For example, we can

User Roles and Permissions

Gila CMS uses the role-based control access approach (RBAC) in order to give specific permissions at users. That means that a user is given one or more roles from the administration and every role