How to Implement Software Testing and QA for E-Commerce

Common e-commerce mistakes

Whenever it comes to e-commerce, the objective is clear, to sell more and sell better, and the web design of your page plays a key role when users enter it.

How to write good descriptions for your products

The product description is like a first impression. If you want your customers to buy your product, you have to arouse their interest.

Most common E-commerce myths

Ecommerce has become closer to consumers, this was caused by its increase in popularity through the internet on computers and mobile devices.

The importance of website statistics

One of the most important tools we have to improve the ongoing marketing strategies are the statistics.

Shopping phases in e-commerce

To achieve sales you have to know the shopping process to improve the experience throughout all the steps

Emails that every ecommerce should have

Email marketing has become one of the most important lines of communication for businesses nowadays because it can help you form a bond with your client quickly.

Shopping experiences will help you captivate your potential clients

The memorable shopping experience is a combination of sensory stimuli that impact and generate certain emotions to people.

3 Types of ecommerce

Ecommerce has different branches as well as traditional sales channels and it requires marketing strategies adapted to these groups' needs.

4 Ecommerce trends in 2021

As many of us suspected online sales increased after the pandemic started but did you know they increased 81% from 2019 to 2020?

4 tips to sell online

Shopping is quick, emotional and social nowadays that's why it has migrated to our mobile devices and social media.