Colors in marketing and their meaning

Today brands use colors to connect with customers and their emotions, this is called color psychology and here we will tell you what it is, and what colors represent in the world of marketing.

Advantages of email marketing

Email marketing basically consists of mass emails to a database in order to attract new customers, sporadic customers, attract them even more and the most common customers to fully retain our brand.

How AI help you to create content

Artificial intelligence continues to grow to the benefit of us, now you can create content to keep our marketing strategy up to date and get better results.

Cross-selling, what it is and its advantages

It is a cross-selling that consists of offering the customer a product that complements in a good way his initial purchase that the customer has already chosen in order to increase income.

Marketing de influencers

El marketing de influencers es una buena opción si queremos añadir una nueva estrategia de marketing digital.

8 Ways to promote your website

There are different ways to promote your website, which one should you use? Here are 8 ways to promote your website.

Social media advertising what is it, advantages and benefits

Social media advertising consists of creating paid advertisements by brands to users of different social networks.

What´s a target market and how to define yours

The target market client's collective to which your product or brand is destined for.

Basic elements of email marketing

It's a communication tool that allows the brand to establish a relationship with the client.

Video marketing trends 2021-2022

It's an online Marketing tool based on the audiovisual image that serve different goals from the marketing strategy.

What is Social Media Calendar and what is used for

The social media calendar is a planning tool that allows you to anticipate the content that you will publish in a channel or digital environment.

Digital marketing strategies for ecommerce

It's the perfect moment to dabble into online sales and start creating strategies that allow us to stand out in the market.