How to connect your domain with your website

Step 1: Add your domain on your website settings From the administration panel, select the option Administration->Settings. Edit the field Domain and add your domain.

Gila CMS Nabs a Spot on Clutch’s 2021 List of Leading Developers in Mexico

For most companies and businesses, having an online presence is a must! The number of people going online is continuously increasing dramatically each year and you don’t want to be late for this party. Gila CMS has been the

How to edit the header of my website

The header of your website is a fundamental part when it comes to attracting and directing visitors to your website, it is practically the first thing they see when they enter your website, so create a header that has a design Clean, balanced and easy to read is crucial to ensur

How to add a blog in my website

If you want to add a blog or a new page within the main menu of your website and create content to attract a larger audience and generate traffic to your site, all you have to do is the following: Option 1.-Select one of the pages that our template generates

How to change the colors

Choosing the right colors for your website is a fundamental part of ensuring that the experience of your customers or users within the site is pleasant, so it is recommended to combine a range of 2 to 4 different colors, according to the type of template you have. chosen, what you visua

How to change the fonts

Change the font of editable text There are texts that you can edit directly, such as paragraphs that are elements of a text block. You can choose those texts, and you will see the options to change the text to the right column as in the image:

Latest updates of page builder

Columns can be edited like components. In order to do it, an edit button (⚙) appears above the column, when mouse moves over it. The properties that can edited are: background image, text color, background color, padding and border radius. Added a duplicate butt

About our services and opinion of our clients

At Gila CMS we offer various services for the creation, positioning, and development of your business within the web, providing solutions that allow you to be at the forefront and take your project to a new level. Discover the services of Gila CMS Custom software developmen

Latest updates of page builder

Sidebar is divided in three tabs: Page fields, Elements and Global settings. Each tab can be selected from the corresponding icon. A library for colors picker added for forecolor and background color of the elements.

A way to earn money online: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing strategy that is based on the following principle: an advertiser, whether a company or an eCommerce, pays another company to help them sell and promote their business. And an affiliat

Gila CMS Receives First Review on Clutch!

Gila CMS is an open source content management system (CMS). You can use it for your blog, web store, and personalize it for your business needs. Our services include cus

November Update

This month was very intensive in terms of developing Gila CMS. Version 2 is out, and a new page builder has replaced the previous only rich-text content of pages.