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How to activate the Wishlist in your eshop

A wishlist in your store helps shoppers to save the products they want to buy for future

How to activate the Newsletter Popup

This is a step by step guide to add a newsletter popup on your website

Colors in marketing and their meaning

Today brands use colors to connect with customers and their emotions, this is called color psychology and here we will tell you what it is, and what colors represent in the world of marketing.

Common e-commerce mistakes

Whenever it comes to e-commerce, the objective is clear, to sell more and sell better, and the web design of your page plays a key role when users enter it.

Advantages of email marketing

Email marketing basically consists of mass emails to a database in order to attract new customers, sporadic customers, attract them even more and the most common customers to fully retain our brand.

How AI help you to create content

Artificial intelligence continues to grow to the benefit of us, now you can create content to keep our marketing strategy up to date and get better results.

Page editor updates

New updates for the website editor for the month of Fenruary

How to write good descriptions for your products

The product description is like a first impression. If you want your customers to buy your product, you have to arouse their interest.

We have made it to Fastest Growing 500 Software Development companies

According to, Gila CMS is one of the Fastest Growing Software Development companies in 2022

Cross-selling, what it is and its advantages

It is a cross-selling that consists of offering the customer a product that complements in a good way his initial purchase that the customer has already chosen in order to increase income.

Marketing de influencers

El marketing de influencers es una buena opción si queremos añadir una nueva estrategia de marketing digital.

SEO - Description of each point

With this blog you will discover the aspects of each point, and why it is important that you apply them to position your article well in Google.