Page editor updates

Posted on January 23, 2023


He have some new features and updates for the page editor. The page editor is out tool that you can use to design and edit a page, a blog post or an email campaign.

Button global values

In the side toolbar now there is the option to set global values for buttons. For example font size, border radius and padding. So the bottons that you will add in your pages can start with the same design. The global values toolbar is accesible only when you edit a page.

Duplicate blocks

Sometmes you may want to reuse the design of a block, now you can do it easier with a new button in the block toolbar. Instead of adding a new block type you can duplicate the block and start changing its content.

Faster editing

Now, when you create or edit a block, the editor will update without refreshing the whole page.

Preview color & font pairs

You can preview the color palettes and font pairs of the editor without overwriting the global values. When you find option that you prefer, you can save the changes.

Unique blocks

Now blocks with ID names, are considered unique in the whole website. So when you update a block with a unique ID, it will update the same block in another page, that has been used.

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