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Posted on May 2, 2020

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From the v.1.12.5 the assets/ folder is changing its use, as a public folder will contain the static files from website's packages and themes.

So when a package is updated in the installation, its assets will be copies inside assets/<package>

Until now the uploaded images were saved in assets, but now the private data/uploads/ will be used instead.

In version 1.13 all static files will be included from assets/ (included lib/) and folders src/ and themes/ will turn private. That hides from the public what packages are installed in the website and of course all text files that we dont want to be seen.

How to set the upload folder manualy

If you have version 1.12.5+ and was upgraded (not installed) from a previous version of Gila CMS, you can change the uploads folder in config.php file.

Create new folders data/ and data/uploads/

Copy your uploaded files from assets/ to data/uploads/ 

The remaining files in assets/ that are not used inside your posts can be removed.

You add this line in the array of config.php:

 "media_uploads"=> "data/uploads"


When front page dont show well:

Even if you uupgraded the blog package and the blog dont show well, it is probably that cannot find the Slugify class (to create the post urls). You have to move manualy the lib/Cocur folder in src/Cocur


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