New things in version 1.14

Posted on June 3, 2020

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Before June version 1.14.0 was released. Here are some new things that were added.

New input type: image

Currently named 'media2' but it will be named 'image' in later versions and replace the 'media' input type in posts table schema. Now it can be seen in "My Profile" page where user can add his photo.

Compact package list and 'refresh' button

The packages list in the administration take less vertical space. Also a 'refresh' button is displayed in Development environment. If any changes made in code of a package, this button will copy the package assets in the puclic folder. It is useful for a custom package you work on.

Users list display an avatar

User can activate account by email

Now you can set how new users can activate their new accounts: automatically, only administator can activate them, or by an email sent to their account.

Settings update do not refresh page

This means that you will have to change the page in order to see the changes from the Settings page.

Gallery input type and new edit popup

A gallery input type that is actually a web component that includes the image type. It is meant to be used in content that links to more that one image, and a new editing page that shows in full height popup. It is going to replace the current editing page in later versions. This popup can support input types that are web components (paragraph, list, image, gallery) so it can give a better user interface.

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