Removed and deprecated items for version 2.x

Posted on November 1, 2020

Updates Releases

This month version 2.0 is going to be released. That means there will be not backwards compatibility in some cases.

These methods and functions will be removed in version 2:

  • Router::get() (replaced by Router::param())
  • Router::url() (replaced by Router::path())
  • Config::controller() (replaced by Router::controller())
  • Config::action() (replaced by Router::action())
  • Config::onController() (replaced by Router::onController())
  • Config::onAction() (replaced by Router::onAction())
  • Config::before() (replaced by Router::before())
  • Config::route() (replaced by Router::add())
  • All snake_cased methods are changed in lower camelCase except Config::make_url() & Config::amenu_child()
  • Classes can be called only by case sensitive names
  • Router::controller() & Router::action() are only set methods, they dont return values
  • View::thumb_xs(), View::thumb_sm(), View::thumb_md(), View::thumb_lg()
  • Router::cache() (replaced by Cache::page())

These methods and functions will be deprecated in version 2:

  • Config::config() (replaced by Config::get() & Config::set())
  • Config::setConfig() (replaced by Config::set())

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