November Update

Posted on November 17, 2020

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This month was very intensive in terms of developing Gila CMS. Version 2 is out, and a new page builder has replaced the previous only rich-text content of pages.

But why have a page builder, when a developer can build any type of page using the MVC system or the easier router class?

  1. Cost effectiveness: One of our main goals is to reduce the costs for small-medium businesses. A not compex website is enough for most cases, and can be designed in little time.

  2. Easy updates: Your clients and non technical users will be able to change some text and images from the website on their own, without the risk of breaking the design by changing other layout settings.

  3. More integrations: Page blocks will not only serve as design templates, but add interactions and deliver content from other services, like social media.

The sections that can be added in a page are called blocks. These blocks are similar to the widgets that are added in widget areas, like sidebar and footer. But in a page they are displayed as rows, for easier placement.

Basic features in the page builder:

You can add and edit various blocks in a page. Examples are text, gallery, hero image etc.

Change the options of the website theme, like typography and color. These options will affect the overall output of the design.

Change the other page data from the editor. Like title, description and page type.

More features that will be included in our hosting solutions

More variations of the basic blocks, and new types of blocks, grouped in categories.

Access to thousands of free stock images, directly from the media uploader.

A dropdown that lets you preview another theme and then select it.

Generate a sharing link, where others can preview the page draft.

A history of the draft versions, so you can undo changes.

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