How to add a blog in my website

Posted on June 15, 2021


If you want to add a blog or a new page within the main menu of your website and create content to attract a larger audience and generate traffic to your site, all you have to do is the following:

Option 1.-Select one of the pages that our template generates automatically.

1.- Within our editor select the menu option, click add, select the page option, then select the type of page you want to add and click save.

añadir un blog

2.- You can do the same from the administrator, select the content option, click on pages and then select the New option

cómo añadir un blog en gilacms

Option 2: Create and add a page to your website

1. By selecting the "New" option, a new section will be displayed, where you can add a title to the new page, set the language and finally click on "create" to create and save the new page.


3. Once the page is created, select the "edit" option and add a URL, add a description, make it public and update the changes.

añadir blog

cómo añadir un página en gilacms

In both options to add content to the new page created, click on publications, select the new option and start creating your content from our editor and once it is ready press create and publish it.

4. To edit the new page, select from the administrator by clicking on the pencil and the editor will automatically appear and you will be able to choose the way your content appears.

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