What´s a target market and how to define yours

It's A client's collective to which your product or brand is destined for.

Basic elements of email marketing

It's a communication tool that allows the brand to establish a relationship with the client.

Most common E-commerce myths

Ecommerce has become closer to consumers, this was caused by its increase in popularity through the internet on computers and mobile devices.

Video marketing trends 2021-2022

It's an online Marketing tool based on the audiovisual image that is mainly distributed through the internet to serve different goals from the marketing strategy.

What is Social Media Calendar and what is used for

The social media calendar is a planning tool that allows you to anticipate the content that you will publish in a channel or digital environment.

Tips for your social media strategy

It is a technique that involves positioning actions, brand diffusion and even sales processes on social networks.

The importance of website statistics

One of the most important tools we have to improve the ongoing marketing strategies are the statistics.

Gila CMS Hailed by Clutch as a Top 2022 B2B Company in Mexico

We pride ourselves on our capability to provide ease of use, a content-first approach, and a fully-responsive experience.

Shopping phases in e-commerce

To achieve sales you have to know the shopping process to improve the experience throughout all the steps

Digital marketing strategies for ecommerce

It's the perfect moment to dabble into online sales and start creating strategies that allow us to stand out in the market.

What social media is useful for ecommerce?

Social media has been present and influencing buyers for years, these became stronger when advertising was introduced to the equation because it allowed small businesses and professionals

Emails that every ecommerce should have

Email marketing has become one of the most important lines of communication for businesses nowadays because it can help you form a bond with your client quickly.