3 Types of ecommerce

Posted on December 16, 2021


Ecommerce has different branches as well as traditional sales channels and it requires marketing strategies adapted to these groups' needs.

Ecommerce B2B 

Business to business refers to a transaction between two companies. For example: A wholesaler that sells to a retailer. We recommend that in this type of ecommerce you acquire some negotiation and logistics abilities to help your business succeed.

Ecommerce B2C

Business to consumer refers to a transaction between a company and a final consumer. A a lot of small businesses specialize in this type of ecommerce.

In this type of ecommerce it's important to be positioned in market niches because it´s complicated to have pricing battles nowadays. It is key to offer products that your market niche needs. Remember you can create your own online shop with Gila CMS.

Ecommerce C2C

Consumer to consumer refers to a transaction between two consumers. The most popular ecommerce platforms for these transactions are: Depop, Mercado libre y ahora pequeños bazares de objetos usados.

It's very important to see that this type of sales have migrated from garage sales to new online platforms that allow the consumers to sell things they don't use anymore . We recommend using the same techniques as garage sales: negotiation, Good customer service and photos or videos that allow the person to appreciate the object as precisely as if they had it on their hands.

Knowing your business ecommerce type can help you push your sales and generate new ideas for your business strategy and the benefits you can create for your customers.

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