Shopping phases in e-commerce

Posted on April 6, 2022


Online sales or e-commerce have been increasing in importance since the pandemic started in 2020. The last AMVO study informed there was a 27% increment in online sales from 2020 to 2021. This is equivalent to 19 952 114 dollars.

Additionally, Mexico is in the top 15 countries with more online sales worldwide. The main reasons why Mexicans shop online are:

  • Delivered home

  • Save time and transportation to physical stores

  • Shop from wherever you are

  • Find discounts and promos

To achieve sales you have to know the shopping process to improve the experience throughout all the steps and increase the number of shoppers that arrive at the end of the process.

Establish a shopping route to help the shopper with key elements or resources that help them in the shopping process so that you can increase your sales. You can use tools like: sales funnel, journey maps, canvas and customer experience.

#1 Attention

Attract shoppers to visit your website. You have two ways to do it. Through the traditional route, you can capture shoppers through SEO and SEM techniques, as well as Google shopping.


It's the organic positioning, ergo the one obtained without paying for publicity. This can be obtained through all the content marketing that you've published recently through your blog, social media and your business location. 


It refers to all the strategies that include paid promotion. This can have advantages like: precise segmentation, short term results and amplifying or reducing the budget according to your needs. To have a successful campaign don´t forget:

  • Estimate the cost per click

  • Make A/ B tests creating two identical ads end change just a detail

  • Monitor the ad's performance

You can also attract attention through a “Playbook”. This is a documented plan that establishes the team collaboration standards, the strategic alignment and the campaign execution. This route is used by brands that sell their products through social media, where emotions and values are the ones that encourage the sale.

#2 Interest

When your client is on the website, we don't want them to lose interest. We must have:

  • An attractive design that generates trust 

  • Value proposition easy to understand 

  • Easy product search 

#3 Desire

It's the moment to sweeten our product through audiovisuals, descriptions, reviews and previews buyers photos. Remember that the audiovisual material you generate for your ecommerce has the goal to help the client study/ visualize the product as if they had it on their hands. 

#4 Adoption

It is the moment when a need emerges on the client, and they remember your business proposition. You can trap them by offering a loyalty plan based on discounts: in the first purchase offer a 10% discount, in the next one offer a 25% discount, so on and so forth. You can also offer free products in the purchase of a product.

#5 Purchase

The forms, the cart page and check outcome into play as well as the payment options, refund politics and delivery options.

These are the most common reasons why they abandon the shopping process:

  • Payment uncertainty

  • Delivery uncertainty

  • Delivery costs satisfaction

  • Tedious form

  • Technical difficulties in the payment process

A key point to close the sale is the trust that you've generates on the client. This can be improved through the website's privacy notice and different recognized and trustworthy payment types.

It's recommended that the client has the delivery fee information and the date/ way of delivery with reach at all times. Remember to complement your strategy with email marketing, sending an abandoned cart retrieval email where you include discounts or promos to increase sales.

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