Most common E-commerce myths

Posted on June 13, 2022


Ecommerce has become closer to consumers, this was caused by its increase in popularity through the internet on computers and mobile devices. Boosted by the abundance in services and products that sell nowadays through these channels with the goal of simplifying people's lives.

The convenience that ecommerce gives has been demolishing some myths that were previously popular when digital commerce was discussed, but there still exist wrong beliefs that stop its growth.

#1 Shopping online is unsafe

This is one of the most common. Online shops have better protocols and safety measures on their platforms to ensure that the transactions made in them are protected from anything that happens to the  product.

For example: Mercado libre has a protected sales program in which they refund the money to the shopper in case they are not satisfied. Nowadays 7 or 10 shoppers feel safe using e-commerce services, so this reflects a significant improvement that encourages them to keep shopping.

Secure payment platforms

The lack of knowledge about how transactions work in the digital world can cause mistrust, and there are a lot of people who distrust when they are requested to give their bank account data in an ecommerce platform. In agreement with CONDUSEF  the majority of cases that presented identity theft are derived from face to face transactions.

Taking the shoppers' concerns into consideration, platforms were made to be integrated in your online shop so that you can receive secure online payments (as a seller or a shopper).


It's A service that allows you to make payments,  to send money and accept payments without giving your bank account data. Nowadays, approximately 250 million users and 200 countries/ markets use Paypal.

Stripe Payments 

It's A payment platform designed to grow. It accepts payments and money transfers worldwide using powerful APIs and Stripe´s software solutions. These were designed to help you attract more income.


This platform allows you to offer online payments within the ecommerce. In this type of platform, easy, fast and secure payments are vital. It's considered as a payment gateway that allows you to accept any kind of payment including cash as OXXO Pay. One of Conekta´s missions is to provide quick and efficient online payment services, so that medium companies can migrate from traditional stores to online shops. 

Gila CMS's online  shops are linked to Conekta so that you'll be able to accept credit card payments, bank transfers or cash. You'll even be able to offer financing without interest. Conekta will charge you sales commissions on every transaction of 3.4% and 3MXN plus taxes.

#2 Shopping in a physical store will always be better 

Ecommerce has demonstrated to be a reliable source, convenient and even more accessible to acquire whatever you like the most. Online stores have been a great recovery engine for a lot of businesses in health crisis times. 

#3 Online sales are for tech experts 

It's quite clear that you actually require a basic level of tech knowledge because nowadays, it's possible to sell products on digital platforms that don't need a tech specialization.

For example, marketplaces such as: Amazon or Linio. These are useful tools for those people or businesses that want to distribute their products through the internet. In addition to website builders such as Gila CMS that will allow you to create an online store in minutes.

#4 E-commerce is all about technology 

Did you know just 5% of the points of your virtual shop are tech related?

The remaining 95% relies on administrative resources like: marketing strategy, publicity, logistics, shipping, etc.

#5 You can only buy in big cities 

E-Commerce has grown as never before, and it's reaching more people because one of its biggest advantages is the possibility to sell from any place of the Mexican republic and be certain that your package is going to arrive at your house's door step safely and will even (in some places) arrive the next day.  

#6 It is only for people that owns a computer 

Mobile commerce or m-commerce is the electronic commerce generated through a mobile phone and the sale can be finalized through the internet's browser or an app. 

It started as publicity that arrived at mobile devices announcing discounts or new product launches. These messages were sent through sms, email and newsletter. It wasn't much later that mobile devices started having better data processing capacity and inspired developers to sell through the most portable mobile device, which allows us to buy from wherever we are: the cellphone.

#7 My products sell by themselves

Some companies see online shops as a universal cure to increase sales but we should consider that the internet is full of websites and we should generate different digital marketing strategies that can help us stand out. 

Email Marketing

It´is defined as sending a message to a subscriber list with some information or advertisement through an email.

Paid Search 

It's A digital publicity and communication medium in which advertisers have to pay to publish their advertisements.


It's the acronym for Search Engine Marketing. They are searches that work with a bidding system that allows their advertisers  to appear on searches related to determined keywords with the purpose of bringing traffic to a website or landing page. SEM campaigns involve paid advertisements, unlike SEO that seeks to create organic traffic.

Social media marketing

SM Marketing encompasses different marketing strategies created especially for social media with the purpose of increasing the reach to maintain your audience and close sales. Social networks are constantly changing, while email has maintained constant through the last years.

Now more than ever, e-commerce has demonstrated to be a reliable, convenient and accessible source to acquire what you like most. We shouldn't forget, it has been the recovery engine for a lot of businesses. Now that you know buying and selling through the internet is practical and safe, you can dare to start enjoying the benefits that opening an online shop can bring to your business.

With the help of platforms such as Gila CMS, you'll be able to create an online store in minutes without having to acquire coding or graphic design knowledge.

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