Advantages of email marketing

Posted on January 23, 2023


Email marketing basically consists of mass emails to a database in order to attract new customers, sporadic customers, attract them even more and the most common customers to fully retain our brand. Today there are 4 billion email accounts registered on the web, so imagine the potential that this technique can have if you take advantage of it and especially if you apply it correctly. If you are not using email marketing yet, stay reading this blog, because here we will tell you the advantages of using this strategy in your marketing campaign. If you still don't know how to start email marketing, you can start by reading our blog, basic elements of email marketing


We can segment our databases to reduce them and adapt to this new group, to certain interests in particular, to profile them to the content that we have created.

This helps us a lot, especially to know the type of our ideal client or, failing that, ourTarget market, who will be the ideal people to offer our product or service.

Criteria to take into account when making your segmentation:

  • Demographic data: Age, gender, income level, and religion, some of these are going to be a bit hard to come by, but the important ones are age and gender.
  • Job: This is relevant if you are going to sell a service for professionals.
  • Most common interests: You can get this information with wish lists, a survey you have created, the blogs they read or simply where they spend more time on your site.


We can personalize the emails in a more intimate way, include the name, your city or region and thus let you know that we care a lot as a client and prospect that we even personalize as much as possible how we address them.

Likewise, taking care of the content that we include in the emails, in the way you like, having good designs that are attractive, where you can present products, offers, catalogs, etc.

Content you can add to your emails:

  • Infographics
  • Images
  • Videos

Here you have to be quite creative so that the designs work both on computers and on mobile devices, so that they can be viewed from anywhere, since an email that cannot be seen well on cell phones will be very bad, since most check their mail from cell phone.

Little investment

It is extremely cheap to apply this marketing strategy. Since you do not need a lot of investment, a good email design, a database that you have already chosen and a reliable tool like Gila CMS to start with.

Analyze and measure data

We can extract all kinds of data to find out how effective our email marketing campaigns have been, so we can correct some on the fly or, where appropriate, know where to focus our efforts on what is working.

Some information that we can know are the following:

  • Open emails
  • Best days and hours to make shipments
  • Number of clicks on our newsletter
  • Bounce rate
  • People who have unsubscribed

In this way, with all the information in our hands, it will be easier to know which things are working and which ones we are failing and thus improve.

Strengthen your brand image

That's right. eing such a direct communication channel, we can improve our brand in front of our community.

We can make use of storytelling, so we can create a more personal feeling and bond with our clients and connect with their emotions, we will do it by telling the story of our brand, which is emotional, inspiring and winning, so in this way we will hook them and they will be faithful to our brand because they feel a bond with us.


Email marketing is a very powerful tool that not many companies use anymore, but rest assured that if you manage to create the perfect content for your ideal client, you will be able to take advantage of it and you will generate more sales, not only that, You will have the necessary information so that your future marketing campaigns are increasingly successful.

Remember that in Gila CMS you can create your email marketing campaigns easily and quickly, just click on get more information and we will solve all your doubts.

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