Common e-commerce mistakes

Posted on January 24, 2023


Whenever it comes to e-commerce, the objective is clear, to sell more and sell better, and the web design of your page plays a key role when users enter it, so have a good design and take care of the details. They will make you achieve the success they expect with your e-commerce site. 

It is a reality that electronic commerce is taking over our lives more and more, and if you have a company or a business, being part of the digital age will put you on the map of digital consumers, so do not close the door of have your business online.

That is why in this blog we are going to tell you about the most common mistakes that people make when having their e-commerce store so that you can avoid them, and be careful in another blog, we already talked about the most common myths of e-commerce, so we recommend you keep an eye on.

Not be different

In a world where competition is just around the corner, differentiating ourselves from the rest will be important when it comes to wanting to position ourselves better, since if we are a trade or business that offers the same as a company that already has an important position , it will be difficult to try to compete and succeed. :

This is why it is important that you ask yourself some questions before starting your business or company

  • What do brands do to stand out?
  • What makes us different from other brands?
  • Do our products, customer service or user experience compete with the rest?

Now you should ask yourself other things to improve:

  • Who will be my target market and how are we going to define it?
  • Who will be your main competitors?
  • What problem do you solve for your audience and how will you do it?

Low quality photos

This is a classic e-commerce mistake, since people, not being in a physical store, cannot touch or see the product of interest up close.

That is why it is extremely important that our products are presented with clear images and that the product highlights here some tips so that your photos have good quality:

  • Good quality photos, taken with a decent camera
  • Focus on the product, let it be the center of attention
  • The product must contrast with the background, we want the attention on the product without distractions

We must always take care to show our products in a good way, since there is a very popular saying; An image is worth a thousand words, and good images are one of the keys to the success of your e-commerce store.

Vague or uninformative descriptions

Writing reviews is not an easy task, especially if there are many and we want to print our stamp on each one, which is why we can make mistakes in the descriptions and this can directly affect our sales. .

Here something similar happens with the images, the client, not having the product physically, will only have the information that we provide

"If you talk to everyone, no one will feel identified"

That is why it is important that you follow these tips for a good description:

  • Write simply and leave out the technicalities
  • Describe your products in an everyday situation
  • Focus your description on your ideal buyer
  • Your clients will quickly detect if your description is generic or you wrote it especially for them, so always try to spend time on this aspect.

Do not categorize products

When we create our online store, structuring our site in an orderly manner will give the user an excellent experience that will make visitors stay longer on our site and potentially purchase a product. 

It is for this reason that if our site has many articles, establishing categories to give our website an order will be important so that customers find exactly what they are looking for and thus do not leave our site and eventually go with our competition.

Not optimizing your website for mobile

You cannot afford this today, that your website is not optimized for mobile devices is a mistake that if you are making you must correct immediately and now we will tell you why.

Where do we want to go with this information? If your website is not well optimized for mobile devices, you simply do not exist for them, because with the technological revolution we are experiencing, your site or e-commerce is not compatible or responsive with smartphones. It will seriously affect you, losing views, customers and affecting the SEO of your site.

Do not use email marketing

Email marketing refers to sending mass mail to a database that can be customers, potential buyers or leads, it is a somewhat old marketing strategy, but quite effective, achieving more direct communication with your customers. 

The purpose of this strategy is to increase your potential customer base or, where appropriate, keep your current customers up to date with your new products or services. A plus that this strategy has is that you will always be in the minds of people when sending emails. with certain frequency and it will be easier to remember you. 

Advantages of implementing email marketing in your e-commerce:

  • Segment your customers
  • Send personalized offers or promotions
  • Keep your customers active

With our email marketing blog we will help you with valuable information and you will learn about this quite effective strategy, remember not to saturate your audience so that your clients do not feel harassed, always organically 3 or 5 emails per month will be enough to keep them active.

Lack of stock and high shipping costs

If there is something that as a customer we do not want, it is that we have selected the product and that it later notifies us that it is not in inventory, so we recommend that we try as much as possible to use an out of stock label in your first image of the product without inventory, thus avoiding that the customer is surprised to see that there is no stock when he clicks on the product. s.

High shipping costs are another frequent mistake in e-commerce, the cost of your product may sound good and quite tempting, but when they have to pay and the shipping cost is added, they get discouraged and if it is not a product that has delighted they are simply not going to acquire it.

We must reduce this additional cost as much as possible, if we have a bit of a budget we can place a large striking image that says free shipping, I assure you that it is a quite effective hook to attract more sale.


Without a doubt, e-commerce is on the rise, and more and more companies are joining their own. If you still don't know which social networks are best for your online store, take a look at the blog we have dedicated to that topic. Do not stop your sales anymore, so as soon as possible try to correct these aspects so that your company gains more reach and you get to have the sales that you propose. .

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