Colors in marketing and their meaning

Posted on January 25, 2023


Today brands use colors to connect with customers and their emotions, this is called color psychology and here we will tell you what it is, and what colors represent in the world of marketing.

What is color psychology?

This psychology is a field of study whose purpose is to analyze the effects that colors produce on us and in what emotional and mental ways they can influence when making decisions. er.

It is not necessary to focus only on which colors look beautiful and combine, this goes further, we must analyze what or what will be the meaning of the colors that we are going to choose, for example red, announces, alert, danger or traffic, if our brand is going to be your main color you should keep in mind that this will be your perception of a start.

In addition to the psychology of color, there is the visual effect that it causes on us, an example: warm colors (red, yellow, orange, etc.) come to produce an optical effect of expansion that gives us the sensation of bigger things.

On the other hand, cold colors (green, blue, indigo, etc.) give us the opposite feeling, they can be visually small.

Colors and their meaning


We associate this color with feelings of cleanliness and purity, security, peace and virtue. 

This color may not be the right color for every business, but if you're going for a minimalist approach, it might be the right color for you.

We can project absence or focus on neutrality, white awakens creativity, since it is perceived as a white board.


This color creates a sense of urgency, it is good for clearance sales or final offers, it tends to stimulate the appetite, which is why it is often used for fast food. 

It can be associated with passion, stimulation, strength and even danger, being the color of blood it is also associated with vitality. 

Red physically stimulates the body by raising blood pressure and heart rate.


We can associate this color with peace, tranquility, confidence, seriousness and cleanliness. 

It offers a sense of security, which is why it is commonly used by banks, insurers and technology companies. 

It is also the color used by more conservative companies looking to build confidence in their products.


It represents gold and sunlight, they are cheerful and promote optimism, however, it must be used with caution, since yellow often makes babies cry. 

The excess of yellow could be tiring for the eyes, since we tend to see them in small amounts, so if you use it, use it in moderation and well applied.


This color represents energy, warmth and being daring, especially the stronger tones. 

They also transmit vitality, enthusiasm, action and youth, it can also be linked to optimism and lust. 

In the same way, it creates a call to action for purchase, sale or subscription, it represents a friendly, happy and reliable brand.


It is the color of nature, fresh and relaxing, color for growth, simple origins and luck. 

It is used mainly by ecological and sustainable brands with the environment.


It symbolizes power, nobility, is associated with royalty, wisdom, creativity and independence. 

We can focus the purple color on the female public in its most intense color to evoke nostalgic and romantic feelings. 

Being a color rarely present in nature, it is associated with magic, mystery or science fiction, a favorite color for many children before reaching adolescence.


Color strongly linked to the female public and romanticism, it is usually used to present products for women. 

In its pale pink version, it can be associated with childhood and adolescence.


Color of knowledge and wisdom, associated with quality, reliable, sophisticated and high-value products. 

Perfect color to be a secondary color, since it has a lot of visual neutrality, ideal to go hand in hand with brighter colors.


The color black is associated with elegance, luxury, sobriety, authority, it is linked to classic, high-value products. 

Difficult color to use in marketing, since it also represents fear, mystery and secrecy. Black, like grey, can be used to combine with other colors, since it generates great contrast.


As you can see it is a whole science, this world of colors in marketing, the most famous brands like Nike, McDonald's, or Starbucks created a unique identity with their colors. They used their colors in the most effective way and now it seems absurd to see them in another color.

That is why you must take into account the approach that you are going to give to your company starting with its colors, they will be your identity before the world, since it will be the first thing that people see, therefore, take some time to create your colors and that They are the perfect ones so that you feel identified with them. 

If you have a web page with Gila and you want to know more about the colors and how to modify them, we recommend the blog how to modify and choose the colors for your website.

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