Emails that every ecommerce should have

Posted on January 14, 2022

Ecommerce Marketing

Email marketing refers to sending emails to your contacts or a database, and these emails are created based on a digital communication strategy that is part of your company's direct marketing.  This strategy has the purpose of: generating new clients, developing a loyalty relationship with your current clients, increasing sales and creating a trustworthy image for your company/ service/ product.

Email marketing has become one of the most important lines of communication for businesses nowadays because it can help you form a bond with your client quickly. This bond forms through a strategy because if you just send product/ service pictures you risk ending up in the spam box. It's advised to have theme variety:

  • Relevant news for your clients

  • Advises and important information

  • Attractive sales

  • Event announcements 

Email marketing and online stores

According to a recent HubSpot Global study, 78% of marketers have seen email engagement increase throughout 2020 and that's why as business owners we should start creating new strategies that take advantage of this trend.

These emails are highly recommended in any online store:

  1. Welcome email

  2. Order confirmation email

  3. Post sale email

  4. Commitment email

  5. Abandoned cart email

  6. Re closing email

  7. Selected emails

Welcome email

According to a study, welcome emails have a 91.43% open rate and that's why we should create a professional welcome email that allows us to charm the client with our product/ service. This email can also be sent to people that have subscribed to your Newsletter (it doesn't matter if they haven't shopped anything yet).

You can use a simple formula to create your welcome email, for example:

  • Who are you

  • What do you do

  • Include a real picture to humanize your company

  • You can include discounts or sales

You can also  include sales in these emails because according to Invest this can increase your revenue 30% per email in comparison to other welcome emails that don't include them. 

Order confirmation email

It's A confirmation that informs the client that the shopping process has been completed successfully. This strategy gives formality to our business and can work as a cross-selling  tool. A cross sale refers to when you offer your client something different to what he was going to buy to up-sell the transaction. The strategy has to be subtle to avoid discouraging the client from buying and that they complete the shopping process.

First of all you have to include every detail from the sale:

  • The client's name and address

  • The order´s date

  • Thank you for your purchase message

  • The price, image and product descriptions 

  • The estimated shipping time

  • Payment information

You can add some of your best-selling products on the lower part of the email, this way the client will know more of your products and generate more sales. You can also add a banner on the top that shows your current discounts.

Post sale email

A Bain and company study revealed that recurrent clients spend 33% more than new clients, that's why the post sale email is more important than ever. This email can include:

  • Discounts for the next purchase

  • Service/ product poll

  • product recommendations

  • Previously bought Products restock reminders 

These emails can be a key tool in the brand loyalty process that every single client goes through.

Commitment email

This email consists of sending a discount, a free shipping coupon or free product. The words discount and sale put us on alert and give us the sense of missing out on something if we don't take this opportunity. That's why we fall into a trap with this kind of emails that wake our pleasure principle that is based on avoiding pain through looking for pleasure. 

Abandoned cart email

This email is sent to people that leave their payment process unfinished and this email´s objective  is to close the sale. According to a Blue core investigation 40% of abandoned cart emails are opened and more than 2% manage to close the sale. 

You can apply these techniques to create this email:

  • Personalization (address your client by their name)

  • Urgency (by a limited edition discount)

  • Products from the abandoned cart (product's stock status)

  • Call-to-action button 

Reclosing email

This email is sent to people that haven't bought or visited your store in months. This campaign is created to board the reasons why the client hasn't interacted with the store and regain them or eliminate them from your subscriber list to maintain only interested people on the emailing list. 

It's recommendable to include in your email:

  • Include images

  • Keep it short and simple

  • Give them a reason to come back (discounts, annual summary, we miss you, etc.)

Selected emails

To keep your business relevant and on your clients “top of mind” you have to send selected emails regularly.

You can use:

  • Last blog posts

  • Best-selling products

  • Product guides 

We should keep our marketing strategies continuously improving and apply them in low increments to our businesses so that we make sure we are using the right one for our target.

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