Digital marketing strategies for ecommerce

Posted on December 5, 2022


Ecommerce grew 81% from 2019 to 2020 according to The Mexican online sales association. Reaching the amount of 316 million pesos (15,349 million dollars) through online sales/ ecommerce.

Online shops will continue to grow according to the numbers we have observed:


Online shopping frequency



Once a week



Once every 15 days



Once a month



Source: Statista


It's the perfect moment to dabble into online sales and start creating strategies that allow us to stand out in the market. Every day that goes by more businesses join the trend and open their own online shop. 

Content Marketing

This consists of creating quality content for your  Buyer personas, specially through your blog because this can attract traffic to your website and improve your search engine ranking.

Having a consistent blog posting schedule it's a great step, but it's not the only thing we have to consider positioning our website. The posts have to be accompanied by a  “SEO on page and off page” strategy that will have the goal of improving the organic website ranking.

On-page SEO includes having: a friendly URL, functioning internal links, improving the page loading time, the website structure, etc.

Off page SEO refers to other websites where you place your website link, the most common example nowadays is social media profiles.

The more looks your business gets, the more probabilities you´l have to generate a sale.

Don´t forget your ecommerce´s SEO

Remember that without a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your website will be a gost between thousands of websites that are published online.

Protect your website with HTTPS

This is the protocol HTTPS o “Transport layer security” and consists in three security layers:

Encrypted data interchange, keeps the data integrity during the transference and demonstrates the user they are dealing with an authentic company. A safer website will be easily positioned in Google search engines. 

Keywords in every page

As part of the website´s optimization you must add a main keyword to every page. This word should represent the topic that´s in the URL. Adding it will allow the search engine to find it.


Optimice your URLs

Always check they don't contain numbers or special characters because they can make it hard for the search engines to read and make the buyers doubtful.

Good URL example:

Link Building

It's a way to attract traffic to your site from other web pages creating quality references. Their main function is to improve the Google page rank´s score. Remember this tips:

  • Use different links every time you place the link
  • Don´t make irrelevant links
  • Link from websites that have good Google rankings

 Social media for your ecommerce

Social media will help you create a strong bond with your potential customers because it allows you to open conversations and interact with them directly. We can find new needs and modify our products/ services with more certainty. We can also monitor our competitors and replicate the strategies that are working for them. 

Remember always:

  • Use quality images from the brand
  • Spread updated content 
  • Encourage the comments
  • Use audiovisuals (video marketing)

Email marketing for ecommerce

Email marketing consists of sending emails directed to a database or contacts. The main goals for your campaign will be:

  • Attract new clients 

  • Sell a product or service 

  • Generate traffic on your website

  • Increase your client´s engagement


These emails have to be planned strategically to accomplish the main goals. After sending the campaign´s email you have to be able to obtain data that allows you to make modifications to the campaign so that you can increase the leads:

  • Total subscribers

  • Not send emails

  • Open rates

  • Not opened

  • Clicks on ink

  • Website traffic

Supplement your strategy

Improve the product´s display

The visual and audiovisual goal is to allow the client to visualize the product as if it was in their hands. This is the reason why we have additional tools to complement the traditional product photographs:

  • Product videos

  • Instructional videos 

  • 360° views

Improve customer service with chatbots

Chatbots are artificial assistants that communicate with your customers through text messages. They are an excellent tool to improve the service if we use them correctly because if we don´t they can contribute to losing clients.This are some of the best practices that you can do:

  1. Establish a goal for your chatbot

  2. Give your chatbot a personality 

  3. Present your chatbot and establish its functions

  4. Organize the information in small fractions 

  5. Detect the frustration and transfer to a human moderator

  6. Allow the user to rate the service

Lower the abandoned carts

Online shopping carts work exactly the same as any physical supermarket and our goal as sellers is that our customers take the products they want, walk through the store, arrive at the checkout and pay for their products without any trouble.

To avoid abandoned carts we can generate 3 different strategies: 

This way you´ll be able to lower the abandonment rate and increase your sales.

Sometimes it gets very overwhelming to think about all the strategies that you can apply in your business simultaneously but remember to start little by little. Choose one strategy that adapts best to yours and your clients needs so that you can evaluate them separately and maintain only the ones that are successful for you.

With Gila CMS you can create your first ecommerce/ online store without the need of code or design knowledge. Remember you can schedule a reunion with us to explain our website´s builder features.

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