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How to add a php page on Gila CMS

This video shows how to add a dynamic php page with your code on Gila CMS.

How to hide folder content in Apache

If you use apache2, a simple way to hide the files of the folders from the public view, is adding this line at htaccess

User Roles and Permissions

Gila CMS uses the role-based control access approach (RBAC) in order to give specific permissions at users.

Lazy Loading

How to add lazy loading for images and html blocks.

Convert HTML5 Template Into a Gila CMS Theme

In these videos you can see how to turn your favorite html5 template into a Gila CMS theme.

The new CRUD with Vuejs

Version 1.9.x of Gila CMS will introduce the new content manager powered by Vuejs

Prepare environment for Gila CMS in Ubuntu

A quick guide of how to prepare a LAMP environment in your Ubuntu Server

Disqus Comments Plugin

Disqus comments plugin will add a disqus comments section below every blog post.

How to connect to Ubuntu server with SSH

In this tutorial we see how to access remotely the Ubuntu server from another terminal type

Generating RSS feed

A coding tutorial where we see how to create a rss feed with a view file

The widget areas

Widget areas are the blocks where our widgets or other pieces of code will be placed.

How to install Gila CMS

Prepare your apache2 or nginx server in order to install the community version of Gila CMS