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New things in version 1.14

Here are some new things in version 1.14.0

The assets folder and data folder

You can set in the configuration file the root path for the uploaded images.

How to add the upload csv tool

With csv tool, you can create or update massively registries on a table.

Class Table API

Class Table is a tool to make queries to the database, that escapes sql injections and checks the user permissions for you.

Better security with SameSite cookies

The SameSite is a cookie attribute that tells browser if the cookie value should be send when the request is made from a different domain

Customizing the display of content types

The administration page of the content table has new ways now to customize the display of the content.

Create multisite in Gila CMS

How to create different websites using the same installtion of Gila CMS

Multiqueries with the cm endpoint

How the cm (content management) endpoint can offer responses in different queries from the same request.

How to create a widget

In this tutorial we will create a widget that displays the last tweets of an account. Instead of using an event to run the code, we let the administrator create instances of the widget and choose in w

How to use composer packages

From version 1.10.2 Gila will support composer packages.

How to add a php page on Gila CMS

This video shows how to add a dynamic php page with your code on Gila CMS.

How to hide folder content in Apache

If you use apache2, a simple way to hide the files of the folders from the public view, is adding this line at htaccess