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Marketing de influencers

El marketing de influencers es una buena opción si queremos añadir una nueva estrategia de marketing digital.

SEO - Description of each point

With this blog you will discover the aspects of each point, and why it is important that you apply them to position your article well in Google.

8 Ways to promote your website

There are different ways to promote your website, which one should you use? Here are 8 ways to promote your website.

Why is a good meta description important?

With the task of informing search engines and visitors about the content of the page, meta descriptions are very important.

Social media advertising what is it, advantages and benefits

Social media advertising consists of creating paid advertisements by brands to users of different social networks.

What is social selling and how to measure the results

Due to the drastic increment in social media platforms and how easy it is to access them through any device we´ve got more profiles getting grouped

What´s a target market and how to define yours

The target market client's collective to which your product or brand is destined for.

Basic elements of email marketing

It's a communication tool that allows the brand to establish a relationship with the client.

Most common E-commerce myths

Ecommerce has become closer to consumers, this was caused by its increase in popularity through the internet on computers and mobile devices.

Video marketing trends 2021-2022

It's an online Marketing tool based on the audiovisual image that serve different goals from the marketing strategy.

What is Social Media Calendar and what is used for

The social media calendar is a planning tool that allows you to anticipate the content that you will publish in a channel or digital environment.

Tips for your social media strategy

It is a technique that involves positioning actions, brand diffusion and even sales processes on social networks.