Gila CMS 1.3.0 Release

Version 1.3.0 has just been released you can download it here: It has some bugfixes Added a user profile page Added user privileges    

Gila CMS 1.1.0 Release

Version 1.1.0 has recently been released You can download it here: Changes from previous version:   Check on the installation for php extensionsFeatured Posts Grid pack

Make a filter with oninput Event

Maybe the most awesome event that javascript has to offer. It looks so hard to create a filter for a list but with this event things cannot get any easier. Lets take for example a small list fruits: <ul id="list"> <li>Orange</li>

Gila CMS1.0.0 Release

Here comes the first release of Gila. You can download its from here If you need help how to install it on your apache server cheque here or watch the video

Generating RSS feed

On this article we dicuss how to generate a rss feed outpur for the blog posts. We are going to make a simple output with the most basic information for the feed. This is the view file (core/views/rss.php) <?php header('Content-Type: application/rss+xml

The widget areas

Widget areas are the blocks where our widgets or other pieces of code will be placed. The list of widget areas are declared in the theme.php file of the theme folder like this; gila::$widget_area = ['head','body','foot','column','post.after'];

How to install Gila CMS

Before beginning with installation make sure that your computer meet these requirements: Apache server, Mysql, PHP 7+ First we create a new database in mysql and a user with full priveleges We unzip gila and we access with with the browser e.g http://localhost/gila

Hello World

This is the first post