Gila CMS 1.10.0 Release

Version 1.10.0 is now available Update: 1.10.1 has a hotfix: gila.js file is updated correctly Get the new version from Sourceforge or Github.

How to hide folder content in Apache

We use public folders in our applications in order to serve easier and faster static files, llike images, css and js. But we may want to hide the listings of these public folders if is not intented to show all the files that exist in the folders. If you use apache2, a simple way to hide t

User Roles and Permissions

Gila CMS uses the role-based control access approach (RBAC) in order to give specific permissions at users. That means that a user is given one or more roles from the administration and every role

Gila CMS 1.9.4 Release

Version 1.9.4 is now available   Get the new version from Sourceforge or Github.

Lazy Loading

To add lazy loading is easy in Gila CMS. We just include the a script link in the footer of the website. When the javascript file loads and every time we scroll in the page, a function will search for a all element with class lazy and will load the data only if the element is visible on

Convert HTML5 Template Into a Gila CMS Theme

Here are some videos I made to show you how to turn your favorite html5 template into a Gila CMS theme. If you like the videos please subscribe and coment your ideas and feedback.

Gila CMS 1.9.1 Release

Version 1.9.1 is now available   Get the new version from Sourceforge or Github.

The new CRUD with Vuejs

Recently I was working on migration the content manager of the Gila administration from jQuery to Vuejs. There are some changes in the overal design but the style in general remains the same. The basic commands for the rows are supported: edit, create & clone

Gila CMS 1.8.2 Release

Version 1.8.2 is now available   Get the new version from Sourceforge or Github.

Prepare evironment for Gila CMS in Ubuntu 18.04

Install Apache server sudo apt install apache2 Install Maria DB sudo apt install mariadb-server Install PHP and the required modules sudo apt i

Gila CMS 1.8.0 Release

  Version 1.8.0 is now available Blog is not included as a core controller anymore, but it can be deactivated from the blog package. There were many minor bugfixes and many new stuff like for better customized development, like caching method, custom input types and menu item

Gila CMS 1.7.3 Release

  Version 1.7.3 is now available The most important feature in this version is that you can update to next versions easy from package management.